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Do you do Requests?
I dont do request by Kazhmiran
Do you do Commisions?
Commission CLOSED (Stamp) by Kazhmiran
Point comm CLOSED (Stamp) by Kazhmiran
Do you do Art Trades?
Art Trade CLOSED (Stamp) by Kazhmiran
When will you open Art Trades/ Commisions/Requests?

Probably not ever or for a very long time :( I'm sorry DX

What program do you use?
Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed

I use Sai most of the time and am currently learning Photoshop

What tablet do you use?

I have a Wacom Intuos Pro

Can I make a base of your artwork?

Sorry, but no :( I'm no longer allowing bases. Same goes for tracing and recoloring my work.

Can you make cover art for my fanfiction?

I am not currently doing cover art right now so I can focus on school. I only did cover art for stories about my characters anyways XP

Can I find your art in other places?

Instagram: @kianamaiart


Am I allowed to make fanart/fanfics about your characters?

Of course! Link it to me when you're done! (or if it's fanart on dA, just use the mention system and I'll see it :D)

Who are *insert character here*'s parents?

Check out bios here…
OR take a look at this Ultimate Next Gen Guide
Ultimate Next Gen Guide by kilalaaa

Can I use your design for Claire/T/Dragon Ponies?

Yes BUT please go here and read the description carefully
Dragon Pony Ref by kilalaaa

Is there anywhere else I can find info about this "kilalaverse" and the characters in it in general?


Where can I find fanart and fanfics about these nex gen characters?



Kilalaverse or Kilalaaaverse? (i still wanna do stuff with the older version tho so no worries) 

2,877 deviants said Kilalaverse Next Gen by kilalaaa
2,306 deviants said Kialaaaverse Neo Next Gen by kilalaaa
I'm bored and tired but not quite able to sleep and too lazy to draw. So let's ramble! There are a lot of new ships and characters that I like since I've last talked about this or hinted at. Feel free to ask my opinions on ships or characters that I don't list and also comment your favorites (as well as why)! 


  • I... I think this may actually be my OTP. I've never really had one from MLP before but WOW I'm feeling this. I really like complex relationships and complex characters. Complex characters with other complex characters make for a more interesting ship IMO. 
  • I didn't really like Trixie until the past season since she was given more exposure. She seemed so 2 Dimensional in the past, y'know? Just kinda a sassy butt. But now she's not just a sassy butt. She's a sassy butt who's trying her best to be good but isn't great at it and is still ultimately a butt who is very cute and charming. I wasn't really feeling Starlight at first either but when she was reformed (which I think happened too quickly) she had a very interesting struggle and does still have that struggle. She's manipulative and controlling and used magic to solve all her problems. I think it's cool to see her have to hold all of that back to make friends. And it's all very genuine
  • I LOVE these two together. Their dynamic is  G R E A T. We have a unicorn who can barely use magic, a unicorn with seemingly unlimited power. A unicorn who is bad at listening and does whatever she wants, and a unicorn who just wants everyone else to do what she wants. There's a lot of room for conflict here but they, as we've seen, are able to work it out, and grow closer.
  • Aaaaah my problematic fave. It's a little questionable depending on how you choose to look at it. Despite this, I still love this ship a lot and it was my first ship from this show. I'm a sucker for underdogs having crushes on someone out of their league and working it out in the end and clichés of the like. I feel like a lot of us have been there before. I really love how the ship was portrayed in the Nightmare Rarity arc. Spike just loves Rarity so muuuch and it's interesting to see that how he's kinda acknowledged over time that it'll probably never happen but continues to care. It's also refreshing to see Rarity reciprocate that genuine caring attitude. I think it'd be cute to see them together
  • That being said, I also equally love the idea of them not being together. It's hard to explain. I like the idea of Spike being able to move on and conquer his obsession. Letting go is hard and I think that'd be great development for him. There's just something really lovely about them being best friends for life that I find particularly charming
  • Okay. OKAY. I loooove these two together. They haven't interacted much in the the show (fingers crossed for the next one) but the comic wrote the two of them so well and I'm obsessed. And incredibly stoic, quiet earth pony with an overly dramatic and loud unicorn. How can you not love that?? I just see Maud as the kind of person that would totally go along with whatever Rarity wants to do to make her happy but still enjoy their time together because she loves Rarity's energy and passion. And Rarity would just swoon over Maud's strength and support her rock poetry. They're just so cuuuuute. Also they could go mining for rocks and gems together an gah I love.
  • I kinda like Rarijack for similar reasons but Rarimaud has something that's missing from Rarijack that I can't quite put my finger on. I think it's because I can't see them butting heads so much like Aj and Rarity do. 
  • Comic: [link]
  • This one's a little complicated... I was kinda feeling TwilightxSunset buuuut I think I like Sunset and SciTwi (is that what we're calling her?). I was definitely getting the vibe that Sunset was crushing a lil bit. And it's cute as hell. It's pretty much season one Twilight with Sunset. The two of them obviously care for each other a lot and have similar experiences. Both of them are still trying to figure themselves out and you can see Sunset trying to help out Twilight. I dunno I just like it
  • BUT. Unpopular opinion. See next section
  • I also like SciTwi and Timber a lot. He had a lot more personality than I thought he was gonna have and although the way their relationship played out was kinda cliché, I thought it was cuuute. They're both just nerds being nerds together y'know?
  • Now thaaaat being said. I also like the idea of Sunset and Flash. By the fourth goddam movie, I'd forgotten that Sunset and Flash were together. But them kinda trying to make it work again, I think, is great. Especially after both of them have changed somewhat. Going back to the thing that I said about Spike moving on, I liked seeing Flash moving on and kinda leaving Twilight behind him, knowing it wasn't gonna happen. Sunset's not evil anymore (a little more drastic) So yeah I'm feeling it.
  • I still love them a loooooot. I  K N O W  Celestia has a goofy side and I think it'd be great to see her and Discord interact more. Like I wanna see Discord get played or pranked and I think if it was anyone, it'd be Celestia. I think they'd be a really funny couple who hatelove each other and make jabs at each other but still are all lovey dovey every once in a while
  • So this ship isn't really backed up by anything in canon and is more so based on how I thiiiiink Celestia is because the sHOW WONT DO ANYTHING WITH HER (what little we had of her in the first ep of season 7 was sooooo nice to seee)
 Nightmare MoonxRarity
  • My most favorite crackship!! I love them and there's nothing to back this ship up but I love the idea of them in that alternate timeline. GAH


  • I've grown to love Trixie a LOT. I used to think she was over hyped. I've kinda already explained what I like about her currently lol. Her development has been GREAT and I think it's awesome that although she's changed her ways, she has maintained her personality. Kinda like Peridot from SU!
  • Okay. I LOVE CELESTIA EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS SO LITTLE SCREENTIME. I kinda like how mysterious she is and although I complain about her lack of screentime, I think it's pretty successful. We've known her to be calm and chill and pretty much all knowing. But the show has hinted at her being silly and full of anxiety like Twilight. She's best princess sorrynotsorry.
  • It only took one episode for her to steal my heart. I love everything about her. The way she talks is so goooood and her desiiiign thooooo. I just know people like her and I just wish I could be that chill.
Suri Polomare
  • Hahahahaaaa okay
  • I never talk about this much or show it but I frikin love Cheerileeee. She's a cutie and I've always loved that trope where a character has a cheery front but kinda hate life on the inside. I've always got that vibe from her. Like she seems so happy all the time but I love when she gets all irritated LOL
  • SHE'S STILL MY FAVORITE. Such a complex character with many differenct facets to her personality. She fits a lot of tropes I like in cartoon characters across different shows. Classy, usually pretty calm, capable of freaking tHE FUCC OUT, badass when need be, stereotypically "pretty", hot tempered and EXTRA  F E M M E. I don't know why I like femme character so much since I'm not really into super femme girls irl haha. I think it's just what I wish I could be haha

So yeah. That's iiiiit. Go ahead and commeeeent <3
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  • Watching: Game Grumps


when u wanna hold a starxie contest bc yoU CRAVE IT
Lopoddity and I just sitting in our hotel 10 minutes away from BABSCon wondering if we should go
Watching all the MLP trailers and updates has got me pumped to see my bb Rarity (also starxie)



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I like your line work T//////T and your style to draw human awww Cutie *dying*
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You ever considered making SU villains based on fossils? Long live the Bone Lords!!!
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honestly i just wanted to stop by and tell you that you're absolutely an amazing person , and your art is gorgeous !! your style is beautiful , and your originality is really something i look up to a lot . im so inspired by the way you are able to work past such rude comments on your work , especially those that end up being racist / sexist or objective to the way you portray characters and their relationships . i really just think you're a big inspiration , and i look foreword to seeing everything you continue to do !!
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I came to thank you Kilalaaa.
You inspired me to create my own Next Gens, and get involved in the fandom. Thanks to you, I can now feel accepted. God Bless You

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